Flirt With Me by Kristen Proby

This series is amazing and if you’ve read my past reviews you know it’s my favorite. I love a series that has a book for each of the characters you get introduced to and the fact that they are family is even better. Kristen Proby is hand down an amazing writer. She keeps you sucked in and not wanting the book to end.
Maeve O’Callaghan is very family oriented. She is one of 2 daughter and 3 older brothers. She is a realtor and helps as a waitress in her family’s pub which is now owned and run by her oldest brother Keegan. Maeve has been saving everything she makes to purchase her dream house that over sees the water and reminds her of home in Ireland. The island doesn’t see a lot of random people but when they come you know them right away. So when a hot as hell man walks in to the bar one night he stood out. She is never the one to flirt with costumers but there is something about him that pulls to her.

Hunter Myers is an MMA fighter who has recently retired and is looking to move. He is looking for change and to help his teenage daughter get away from bad influences. So when he goes to the island for the first time, he knows this is where he has to be. The first night on the island before he goes house hunting he visits an Irish pub that transfers him to memories of visiting Ireland when he fought. It was a beautiful place but what caught his eye right away was not the authentic decoration, but a beautiful red head waitress. Hunter has never dated anyone because the media is insane and doesn’t want one day to embarrass his daughter.

The two of them start flirting from the first minute their eyes lock, as the night goes on, the flirting gets more intense and the two of them can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves. Maeve decided to give Hunter his number and hope for the best. She has never been interested in someone like she is to him. But the next morning when she goes to show houses to a client she realizes it’s the guy from the bar and she is embarrassed because this is all new to her. Hunter can believe his eye when his realtor opens the door and it’s the amazing woman from the bar.
Can Hunter convince Maeve to give him a chance and take her out on a date? Will Maeve push him away because he is a client, even though she’s never felt anything like this before?
From New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Proby comes an all new novel in her beloved With Me In Seattle Series!

There are two things Maeve O’Callaghan values more than anything else: her family and her career. Being the eldest daughter in a large, close-knit and somewhat chaotic Irish family means spending most of her nights in the family-owned pub, serving drinks and food, always accompanied by a smile. During the day, she’s a superstar real estate agent, selling homes on her beloved island just across Puget Sound from Seattle. She doesn’t have time for much else, and she’s perfectly okay with that.

Enter Hunter Meyers. He’s looking for a new place to call home, somewhere out of the city, and believes life on the island could be just the thing for him and his troubled teenage daughter. While in search of finding the perfect house, his sexy realtor catches his eye, making him feel things he hasn’t in years. But with the added baggage of a surly teen and a past that will never be forgotten, how can he make something permanent with the gorgeous Irishwoman who tempts him like no other?

Maeve isn’t just attracted to Hunter with his killer grin and muscles for days. The teenager that tries so hard to push her away also pulls at her heartstrings. Maeve understands the importance of family, and can see herself making just that with Hunter and his daughter. But when his past comes back to haunt him, will their love be strong enough, or will they be ripped apart forever?

Coming Soon! 
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