Love Next Door by Helena Hunting

This is the first book in a new series from Helena Hunting. It’s a cute enemies to lover’s romance, small town love. It was a cute read. It’s a slow burn love and chemistry between Dillion and Donovan was amazing.

Dillion always wanted out of her small town. Did everything she could to move to the city aka Chicago and she did it. Left and went to college, found a job, got an apartment, she was living the city life and everything was going good. Well until the business she worked for shut down, her then boyfriends was moving to another city and her receiving a phone call from back home needing her help at the family business. It’s something she never wanted, the small town life, but being back has changed her perspective on things and it’s not only because of the HOT as hell new neighbor that drives her crazy and pushed all her buttons.

Donovan took a few weeks off work to finally go back to his grandma’s house after her passing to clear it out and start renovations. He can’t wait to be back in the peaceful, small town he spent his summers in all the way until college. The cottage on the lake was his calming place, but once he stepped into the home everything came crashing down around him. He lost his job and was getting investigated for something he didn’t do. His family told him the best thing to do was focus on the cottage and they will figure it all out. So that’s what he did, he put all his energy and focus into the cottage.

When Donovan first ran into Dillion, he was just getting out of the shower and had forgotten his towel, so being in his own home walked out of the bathroom naked to go to his room. What he did not expect was a gorgeous feisty woman in his living room, staring straight down at his naked body that was reacting to her. From the first moment he knew she easy to rile up and loved her reaction. So that’s exactly what he did when he ran into her, push her buttons. But the chemistry between them was too hard to ignore and one rainy day led to something more. But they both new this was temporary, one would move back to the city eventually.

I received this ARC for my honest opinion and review. As I said above this was a great read and I can’t wait to see whose story we get next in the series. I’m really hoping for Teagan and Aaron. I don’t know what it was about their first interaction that I want them together so much!

When Dillion Stitch left her hometown, she had no intention of going back. But when her
brother gets into trouble, Dillion reluctantly agrees to return home to take her place at

the family business.

Being back in Pearl Lake after all these years feels familiar, but also brings a few
surprises. She’s quick to notice that someone new has shown up at the cottage next
door. Dillion gets more than an eyeful when she goes to check out the newcomer and
meets Donovan “Van” Firestone—her beloved neighbor’s grandson—in all his unclothed


Having gotten off to a rocky start, it’s not long before they begin bickering with each
other all over town. All that back and forth inevitably sparks an undeniable attraction.
But Dillion’s family has issues, Van’s family resents him, and neither Dillion nor Van
feels truly at ease in the small town. For these Pearl Lake exiles, home isn’t just where

the heart is—it’s where things get complicated.

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