The Bet by Max Monroe Review

I read Gotta Have Fate right before I got my hands on The Bet. You don’t need to read it before because this book is a stand-alone but I would recommend it, it’s a quick read and gives you a little back story on the Winslow brothers. We got a glimpse of the brothers (Remy, Flynn, Ty and Jude) in Broody Billionaire Collection, which is Wes Lancaster and Winnie Winslow’s story. Winnie is the baby of the Winslows and the only sister of the 5 siblings.

Jude is the youngest of the 4 brothers. He owns his own club promoting business. He is hot, funny and alpha. He knows what he wants and he’s upfront to the woman he talks to. No strings attached, doesn’t want more than a quick roll in the sheets. Bachelor for life. Jude though can never refuse a challenge, especially if he knows he will win. So when an employee at the club he’s working bets him that he can’t make more money than him pretending to be an exotic dancer, he takes the challenge. And that’s where he meets Sophie, who is pretending to be her twin sister Belle.

Sophie owns her own event planning company and planned her sister’s bachelorette party. She chose the best spots and for a big finale ending at Club Craze, where an exotic dancer she hired will give her sister a lap dance. Her sister is very shy and cannot go through with it, so they switched spots. So when Jude the exotic dancer started his show it was Sophie that got the lap dance instead of the bride-to-be Belle. There were instant sparks when their eyes met. The attraction was off the charts.

Jude automatically wanted Sophie in bed, there was something about her that he never felt before. But to him she was getting married, so he had to stay away. But a few weeks later when ran into her and found out she was pretending, all the restrictions he had set were gone. He would do anything to get Sophie. The chemistry between them was fire and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Jude was demanding, but very sweet. He knew exactly what to do to push Sophie out of her comfort box that she thought she needed. But what started as a fling, changed for both of them and when Sophie vocalized the feelings outload, Jude ran. Jude vowed to himself he would never be committed to anyone. He saw what that did to people and he didn’t want to get hurt or hurt anyone.

This book was steamy and one of the hottest books written by Max Monroe. I could not put it down. Every time the two characters got together it was an experience I did not expect. Knowing your partner better than they know themselves and knowing what they need is a sign that your relationship is not just a fling lol.

Received this ARC for my honest review and opinion. Would have loved to see more interaction between Sophie and her family because the Winslows are very family oriented. But hands down a great read. Can’t wait for the next one!

When it comes to life’s fun and games, always know:

The rules.

What’s at stake.

When to quit.

Wise words from…well…my fortune cookie. But wise words, nonetheless. 

I just wish the Fortune Cookie People had considered how hard the whole “knowing when to quit” would be to carry out when a woman like me is gambling with her feelings.

Heart-palpitating, vageen-tingling, butterflies-in-my-belly feelings for a noncommittal, hot-as-sin player by the name of Jude Winslow.

After a crazy night where we were both pretending to be someone else, I’ve found myself immersed in the fun of the fling. 

The thrill. 

The irresistible charm.

The pleasure of being with a man like him.

Problem is, I’m positive he’s the exact opposite of husband material, and that is a serious issue for someone who is fixated on finding her happily ever after. 

I know the rules and I know the stakes, oh wise Fortune Cookie.

Now I’d just like to know how close to self-destruction I have to get before I find the will to quit Jude Winslow.

Goodness knows, when your heart is on the line, you can’t ante up your bet with an IOU. 


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